The Focal Point is now CLOSED! (do not send items for service as they will be returned)

We can repair most single-layer coating problems and cement separations of doublets and triplets. We also remove haze and fungus from optical surfaces when the surfaces are not too badly damaged.

These projects are labor intensive and therefore can be expensive. The expense to polish off the old coating is in the setup time. Polishing is the only safe procedure for removal (rather than acids) of coatings and very slight abrasions. There is no way to know what the raw glass material may contain in the way of heavy metals. The lens manufacturers do not give out this information, and therefore one cannot inspect the glass and discern the chemical makeup. There are expensive tests that can be done, but this is not economical. Therefore, we polish off the old coating and apply new magnesium fluoride single layer coatings.

Contact us for more information and price estimates on any service. There is no printed price list as there are too many variables and variations of lens types and the need to inspect the damage before estimating the cost of any repairs of this type.


Lens Polishing and Re-coating

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Lens Cement Separation Repair

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Fungus and Haze Removal

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